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RxJava is the most important library for Android Projects. Learn RxJava through a practical approach.

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Android Basics and Kotlin

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Amit Shekhar
Amit Shekhar

Myself Amit Shekhar.
Co-Founder at MindOrks & AfterAcademy | IIT 2010-14

I am a software engineer with a passion for sharing knowledge through open-source, blogs and videos. I have helped more than 2 million developers in excelling in their careers and helped many tech companies in solving their unique problems. I have also created many open-source libraries being used by top applications having more than 100 million downloads each.

Janishar Ali
Janishar Ali

Hi! I am Janishar Ali.
Co-Founder at MindOrks & AfterAcademy | IIT 2010-15

I am a passionate developer and instructor. I have worked with big companies and helped in building their software architectures. My area of expertise includes end-to-end product development. Professionally having worked on Android, Backend, and Frontend, I have helped more than 2 million developers and students. My courses have also enabled students to land in super high paying jobs.

Course Reviews

“Learned MVVM architecture, RxJava and Unit Tests. The course improved my knowledge on Android.”

- Jose Maria Payá Castillo

“Today I feel more confident and got promoted in my company.”

- Gaspar Maghakyan

“Great process, explanation and quality. Impact on my learning with a broader knowledge of software Development.”

- Dheeraj Andra

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Yes, you will have access to each and every course on this website after taking the subscription. Also, all the new courses added over time would be available to you under the subscription period.
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Youtube tutorial is just for getting started, if you want to learn any topic in detail, then these courses are for you.